A “Treasure Box” Could Be the Solution to Your Memory Clutter

Are your keepsake items strewn throughout your house, in a disorganized mess? Jeannine Bryant discusses the idea of creating a “treasure box” for each member of your family, and how it can be a lifesaver in keeping keepsakes organized, safe, and limited – so they don’t take over your house!
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About Senior Move Manager, Jeannine Bryant

Jeannine BryantJeannine Bryant is the owner of Changing Spaces SRS, a senior move management company based in Lincoln, NE. Since 2010, she and her team have taken hundreds of clients by the hand and guided them through the downsizing and relocation process, from start to finish. She keenly understands the importance of “place” and the emotions tied to it, as well as the difficulty sometimes associated with leaving one’s home.

A nut for organization and rightsizing, Jeannine is an expert at easing the transition of her clients and their families. She understands that a move later in life is so much more than the coordination of logistics. Her specialty is minimizing the burden during times of transition so families can have peace of mind. By providing customized assistance and support through the sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing processes associated with a move, she provides answers to her clients’ problems at a time when they need them most. She and her team also provide first-rate service in liquidating estates after a move. She is a master at efficiently finding new homes for items no longer needed or wanted by her clients, by means of an estate sale, charity donation, recycling or proper disposal of items.

Jeannine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is dedicated to serving local seniors as an active member of Lincoln’s Coalition for Older Adult Health Promotion and as a board member of the Nebraska State Stroke Association. She is also a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (www.NASMM.org).

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